Sunday, October 30, 2011

A House thats not fully a home

One of the main reasons we started to look at buying a house was that we were trying to conceive.  We researched schools and narrowed down our search area.  We determined how many bedrooms we would need and what we needed in a yard.  We avoided homes with pools because thats not safe.  We avoided busy roads and homes with neighbors that had scary dogs.  We did all of this not because we were worried about ourselves but we wanted to create a home for our children.  We wanted a place that we would stay a long time.  We hunted patiently for six months before we found the perfect house.  At the same time we patiently waited for a positive test but we were told we were just too impatient.

So two years ago we signed the papers and moved into our house.  We worked at making it a home.  We fenced in the back yard.  We took care of the water that pooled in the backyard.  We painted the nursery.  We sealed the garage from the house and put up a fire barrier to keep our family safe.

Tomorrow night trick or treaters will come around again.  Again we will ask each other if next year we will have someone to dress up.  Holloween starts the season of holidays.  Last year we checked off the holidays but couldn't enjoy them as I had before.  Holloween followed by Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Valentines Day, DH's Birthday and Easter.  I want the holidays to be over and they really have not even started.  I've been patient enough already.

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