Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Agency Meeting

So I'll admit I went into the meeting with a bit of a chip on my shoulder (yes I went).  I e-mailed to confirm that appointment the night before and was assured that the meeting was on.  She is much more pleasant in person then she is via e-mail.  I think its easy to be short with people when communicating via e-mail because its not face to face.  I realize her job must be hard and having an assistant be in charge of your schedule I'm sure makes things more complicated however my time is important to.  We made a few minor edits/clarifications about our check list however the changes wont make much of a difference unfortunately but who knows.

We were told that it was a choice between us and another family for an adoption that just occurred however the birth mother was seeking a practicing Catholic family.  Well DH was raised Catholic and when we started dating he started attending church with me.  (He was not practicing when I met him other then opening presents on Christmas).  So we lost out on that one.  Drat!  I'd like to add to our check list "We will change religions if thats what it takes!"  Oh well.

I hope that having a face as well as knowing us more then a piece of paper will help our book get shown as often as possible.  She assured us that adoptions are continuing without Kate and she doesn't think our wait will be much longer.  I hope she is right.

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