Wednesday, October 19, 2011


So I read an obit the other day.  I work in skilled nursing facility so frequently the residence in our long term care section pass away as well as sometimes my short term patients that have gotten better and gone home occasionally appear in the obits.  So one of my daily routines is to check the obits.

Sometimes I just read one that for some reason or another strikes me as one I'd like to read.  People have the most amazing lives.  Even my residence that I thought I knew so well I always find out something new about them.

So last week I read an obit of a man that passed away suddenly.  He wasn't very old (remember I work in skilled nursing so my definition of young is different then most people) younger then my parents but well beyond child bearing age.  His surviving family stated "Lou is survived by his beloved wife, Joan, and their dog, Scout"  Now dont get me wrong I love my pets and I know nothing about this man except his obit.  The funny thing is that he had lots of interactions with youth- he started a youth golf camp and was clearly involved with nieces/nephews.  Maybe his wife didn't want children or maybe it was infertility but all I know for myself is I would be crushed if my obit read that I was survived by my beloved husband, dog molly and cat chester.

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