Monday, October 10, 2011

Sunday uplift

I took the time to go to church again yesterday.  It made for a 10 hour day and I didn't do much of anything (despite my to do list) once I got home.  I think I've decided that I should just go for the children's sermon each sunday.  It was a really sweet exercise.  Everyone in the congregation was given a penny.  You then made a wish/prayer on your penny (for the world, yourself, whom ever).  You then exchanged your penny with someone else, someone else, someone else.  Each time you had to get up and go a little farther from "your seat" to exchange the penny.  In the end you left church with someone else's prayer which you are to tend to.  My prayer remains secret but I hope the person that ended up with my prayer takes good care of it.

When I got back from church I went to see one of my residents that I had not had a chance to finish that morning.  We got to talking and she divulged that yes she had two children but they were adopted.  I asked a few questions and then shared with her that we were waiting to adopt.  Her session flew by because we talked about adoption from her perspective as a mother of adopted children that are grown with their own families.  Before I left her room she said "I want to give you this tid bit."  She seemed a little nervous.  She then shared with me a story about her grandchildren and calling their dog "adopted" because they ended up having to give back the dog because he bit someone.  I then told her that it was funny that she should share the story with me because I had JUST blogged about my problems with calling pets adopted.  She looked relieved that she was not the only one who thought this.  As I walked out the room she said "We can't change the world can we."  to which I responded "We can make change one person at a time."

In addition two of my residents today told me that I clearly love my job and that I'm good at it.  All of this made for an amazing start to my week.

So I leave you with a spiritual that we sang today with not so much gusto in our small new england town but its one of my favorites...

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