Saturday, October 8, 2011

Full Circle

Yesterday I woke up late and got cleaning right off.  The bathroom was first followed by my first load of laundry.  When DH woke up we went to breakfast together and then I went to get my hair cut.  I went right to work for a few hours to make up for a sick day this week then home to clean.... so I have decided-

October 7th is officially my annual new clean like a mad woman day.  A year ago I was preping for our home study visit.  I did not clean on the 7th last year but rather in the week prior.  Today's accomplishments- Laundry washed/folded- check, sheets changed- check, bathroom/kitchen cleaned- check, house vacuumed- check, floors mopped- check, dishes washed/put away- check, shower curtain washed and back to new- check, pets brushed, and summer clothes swapped with winter clothes.  By no means is this close to the list I accomplished last year but the house feels good.

I know its not the best way to cope with feeling sad- but its something I have control over.  I can keep my home clean I can't make a baby show up.  There are worse ways to cope with sadness and stress.

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  1. you may notice that every time you come over the house is rearranged in a different way... its my way to cope with stresses of life! I guess its better that we use our coping mechanisms and are productive :)