Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Finances- check :) (kinda)

So DH is required to complete a physical fitness test two times a year.  If he passes the test he keeps his job and gets a bonus.  If he fails he has to keep taking the test until he passes and no bonus.  So He got his bonus, yesterday was holiday pay for him, and we got our escrow balance returned from our refinancing.  SO  for an instate adoption we have all the money saved we need.  The catch is that its not all in the bank until Thursday.  So until I see that number exactly where I want it I'm going to remain cautiously optimistic.  We have come close before only to have some unexpected event like the dishwasher breaking come up.

For an out of state adoption we still have a little ways to go however we still have the checks from my parents to cover until we reach that goal as well.  This week we also applied for and got approved for an airline miles credit card.  Our plan is to put the adoption on the credit card and then pay it off as soon as we return (assuming its out of state).  This will mean we will have miles to burn probably to go home to visit my family so they can meet the little one- however a tropical vacation might be fun (we can all dream).

Adoption is expensive and it seems so wrong to me.  We are not wealthy and we had to work hard to save for the adoption.  This adoption means we are going to literally clear out our savings to have a child.  The responsible thing to do when expecting is to save so you have a nest egg and can even start thinking about things like college.  We will keep on saving until we reach our out of state cap and then move on to saving for my maternity leave and then baby furniture.  We have reached one goal but the saving seems to never stop.

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