Saturday, October 15, 2011


I don't have a lot of family near by which is one of my fears of starting a family.  I don't have parents or siblings that I can count on for an afternoon of unexpected babysitting.  Its me and DH.  I do have an aunt and uncle that lives down the street and I am sure she will be involved but at this point I dont know that I can count on her.  They are both still young and very active so they are not exactly accessible since they work hard during the week and play hard on weekends.  As they get closer to retirement they have enjoyed longer and longer vacations which leaves me to wonder what are we going to do?!

Lucky for us we have a great group of friends that are very much like family.  Last week I put out an e-mail asking for pictures with us and babies because I'm updating our book.  Within an hour I had pictures.  Within days I had an offer to have DH take pictures with a baby, since we have lots of pictures with me and babies and none with him.  (I take any and every opportunity to hold a baby).  It wont be my Mom and Dad or my sisters near by but I know I'll have support.  I also have to remind myself this little one is going to open doors to new friendships by attending play groups and library reading times which hopefully will open doors to babysitting swapping.  I am sure I'm not the only Mom to be in this situation.


  1. You know that your little one will always be welcome at Auntie Paula and Uncle Andys to play with cousin Veronica!


    We will baby sit swap ANYTIME!!!


  2. Can't wait! :). I'll babysit for V any day!