Sunday, January 8, 2012


I try not to count months too often but this weekend was 15 months of waiting.  I try not to count because it wont make anything go any faster but ask me on any given day and I can tell you exactly how many months and days it has been since our official wait began.  My wait could be over in days, months, or year(s) which makes counting depressing but there is no way not to count.  If there is someone out there that has successfully waited (longer then a few months) that did so without counting I want to know their secret.

We met up with a couple who live in upstate NY in Stowe VT.  We went snow shoeing toured Ben and Jerrys, went to two breweries, and a vineyard.  At the vineyard (one of my favorites called Shelburne Vineyards) they had us sample a few wines they were trying to decide how to bottle.  I'd like to say it was enjoyable but I was in a bit of a funk a good part of the weekend.  DH as usual knows how to wrap me up in his embrace and love me anyway.  

There is no one else I think I could endure this with... so here is a song for him.

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