Monday, January 16, 2012


Its amazing to me how quickly my outlook can change.  One moment I'm blogging about being reduced by our situation and then I stubbled across a petition for making adoption more affordable.  In and of itself it did not change my outlook but I posted the link on my facebook page.  I asked people that we looking to support DH and I, could by signing the petition.  I'm sick of having the rebate/credit go year to year.  It makes our adoption plans shaky.  We will be able to adopt one child but without the rebate its going to be challenging to adopt baby #2.  A credit is better then nothing while no refund or credit would likely mean we would have an only child.  Its not right and its not fair.

Sharing the link made me feel like I was doing something but one response I received in particular made my day.  A friend from college e-mailed me telling me she had been considering adoption for her family.   What she will decide with her husband I don't know but the response I had to write was real but optimistic.  Adoption is expensive, potentially a very very long process, its heart breaking, and bigger then "getting" a baby.  Until you live the experience you never realize the process.  To outsiders it does look like one day you are a childless and the next you are not.  I did not focus on this aspect though but rather as a means to grow a family that guarantees a baby to love someday.

If you are interested please sign the petition here.

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