Monday, January 23, 2012

Part Time Mom

So its official that in the coming months I will move from 5 days per week to 4 days per week.  I will have a Friday, Saturday, Sunday weekend.  This means I can continue to get things done like doctors appointments, banking, post office, etc done on Fridays.  I will continue to get Saturdays off... and then.... the best part I GET SUNDAYS OFF again!  This will mean I get to go to church again!

Its hard to work Sundays, leave for a few hours then come back.  In addition its challenging because I want to bring my child up in a church family.  Honestly once my child grows up they can become any religion they want but to have some kind of spiritual guidance is important to me.  My parents were not overly churchy but we went to sunday school as children.  I gained a great deal from it.  I also feel like its a much needed break each week to reflect on all that is good.

So when does this all happen?  This is happening in part because a co-worker is pregnant with an unexpected fourth baby.  This means that she is looking to pick up a few extra hours.  Her husband has normal weekends (Sat/Sun) and is able to be home with the children so she wants to work on the weekends.  So likely she will work her current shift until after her maternity leave so unless my baby arrives sooner it wont happen for another 9 months.

I have some reservations because a plan only truly official until it happens.  Its dependent on her really wanting to work three days per week to her current two.  Sometimes its amazing to me how life comes together I'm just a little skeptical until the plan comes together.

Part of my plan is to pick up a per diem job to get a sense of some of the other local employers.  I will work those jobs on Friday/saturdays/Sundays that DH is home.  It is a financial risk for us however part time daycare is always cheaper then full time daycare.

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