Thursday, January 5, 2012

Protocol update

Almost three weeks in and my spotting as ended!! No aunt flow until after baby arrives (or 6 months which ever comes first). My breast hurt. In my middle school the boys had a game they thought was funny which was to bump into your chest "accidentally" to make your chest hurt. Thats how I feel now. Its not as bad as they were initially but still sore.

I called the MD about decreasing the mg's from 20 4x's daily to 10 4x's daily she said dont change a thing. She will see me again in February to make sure my blood pressure is good but I've been monitoring it at work on my own. I might be slightly elevated compared to my "norm" but I've also never checked my BP at work so it could just be work stressing me out. I normally run a low BP so a little higher isn't a bad thing.

I still have only missed the one pill. There have been a few days that my schedule has been off a little because of staying late at work or sleeping in but nothing too drastic. I need to call my neighbor about her experience but always seem to call her after 8 when her kiddos are in bed.

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