Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Social Worker

We met with the new social worker. She is not new to us as she was an intern around the time our application was approved. She is young (I can't believe I'm saying that). Not just age wise but she acts young. We made a few minor edits to our preference sheet and reminded her that we are flexible and willing to hear about babies that are "outside of our perimeters." We increased our ceiling for what we are willing to spend on out of state adoptions which we thought was higher- so we set it to what we thought it had been. Of all the things that really stuck out on that sheet of paper we wrote on almost a year and a half ago was our ages: 28. She said she planned on starting the support group back up in February. The meeting was quick all of 15 minutes.

Two side stories- yesterday at work one of my patients wives stopped me in the hall to chat. She then asked if she could ask a personal question- I agreed (I didn't have to answer). She asked me what my "hopes and dreams are" because she told me she prays for me and the physical therapist that works with her husband. I asked her if I could think about it and get back to her which she did not seem offended by but seemed to welcome. I started to get up and walk away. I dont know what possessed me to do it but I turned back around and whispered in her ear "a baby" - we both smiled and I hurried away. This couple really touches my heart- I hope her prayers help. He will likely not be around our facility much longer and he will be one of those that I keep in touch with after he is done at our facility.

Second side story was a yahoo news article that I read in the paper this morning. An amazing story about a women that chose to place her child for adoption at a time where there really was no choice. The woman had become pregnant after being raped. The birthmother is now 100 years old as was just recently contacted by her grandson who put her in contact with his mother (the baby that she had placed for adoption). It sounded like from the article that the agency she worked with initially provided what we would now consider a semi-open adoption as they provided her updates when she would write to ask for them. It made me wonder if the "history" of closed adoption is not fully accurate but that there were more semi open adoptions then we know about just not on a formal basis. Anyone know anything about it? I'm intrigued. Read here

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