Thursday, January 19, 2012

How Long its Been

I'm frequently reminded how long we have been waiting in unexpected ways.

Three years ago we went to the neurosurgeons office to make sure my back could tollerate a pregnancy.  Thats the last time I was there until Tuesday when the doctor reviewed my last visit.  I remember her telling us to have a baby, wait until I was thirty and then come back for surgery.  Well I dont have a baby I'm 30 and I might be back for surgery.

Two years ago our friends baby was born.  We went to her two year old birthday party this past weekend.  I remember when her mother was home on maternity leave we stopped by.  We already were talking adoption.  I had contacted our agency and had research our options.

We may have "only" been waiting one year, three months, one week, and five days, but thats our adoption wait time.  In honesty we have been waiting much longer.  Before our application was approved we were waiting to wait.  Before we were waiting to wait we were waiting for an infertility doctor to answer our questions.  Before we had questions for an infertility doctor to answer we were waiting for our trying to work.  Before we even started trying we were waiting for the right time to try.  Before we started waiting together for the right time to try we were both waiting for the right person to try with.


  1. My goodness... 15 months is a long time to wait. I wish I could see into the future for you and be able to tell you how much longer it'll be... at least you'd know the end was in sight. I felt the same way when we started the adoption process.

    I'm so scared to start the process again because I know we won't be as lucky with baby #2 as we were with Gus.

    Just know that the baby that you're meant to parent WILL come to you. When that day arrives, all the pain and hurt will be distant memories and you'll be thankful that you found each other.

    I pray that your wait isn't much longer, and that while you are waiting, that you find peace and comfort!!!


  2. Thanks Cat! I think the waiting is the hardest part. If someone could just tell me it will be six more months 9 more months whatever it would be I'd be OK with whatever wait is left but it could be tomorrow, it could be 9 months, it could be a year. Thank you for your prayers I can use all I get :)

  3. Just looked back at this post. January 19th was six days before my daughter was born. If I had only known as I stated in my comment (two days after she was born) that I would meet her in February!