Friday, January 13, 2012

Kid Time

I've gotten a lot of baby time this past week.  My friend who's maternity leave I covered invited us over for dinner.  I held her baby girl and played with her son while her and her husband finished making dinner.  During dinner her son cried because his lasagna fell apart when he tried to eat it and no one could calm him until I told him I was going to eat mine backwards and flipped my dinner over, took the bottom noodle off and started eating the bottom first.  I then got to help put her little girl down for the night- she smelled SO good and her smile was contagious.  Unfortunately my friends sister just moved in from out of town so my place on the babysitting list just fell.

Last night when we picked up the dog I played with our friends little girl.  What a ham!  All three of us (the little girl, myself, and my dog) all got into the dog kennel together.  We played peek-a-boo and ran around a little (I'm starting to think i'm a bad influence on these kids).  She is so close to walking she insists on having two hands for walking even though she clearly can do it with one hand.  I got her to let me walk only holding onto one hand by tickling her every time she started to pout.

I know having kids isn't this much fun all the time but I look forward to making memories and seeing my children do things for the first time.  Including the first time they eat their lasagna upside down.

Little side story- so the kids shop down the street is closing.  The news just was announced and I called to see if they had any Britax infant carseats.  They had one left that was being held and darn it the person actually went and picked it up.  The bad thing is... this kids shop is the only place in the area that sells the infant seat.  oh well.

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