Friday, January 27, 2012

Ich Liebe Dich (I Love You)

I was nominated for the Liebster Blog Award by one of the amazing moms I follow.  It isn't clear where the award started and its not adoption related but its based on love and well... thats what adoption is all about.  Liebe means love in German and liebester means "favorite" or dearest."  
Robin searched and I searched and neither of us found an origin to the award but the award was a kind gesture and I appreciate Robins admiration of my honesty on my blog.  The Liebster Award is for “little blogs” with fewer than 200 followers and is a way to spread the word about your great finds.
Five blogs I’ve nominated:
  • Maru is a Mom and now an occasional blogger.  Her words of wisdom from her process continue to support and give hope to those of us who are still waiting. I had the pleasure of getting to interview her as a part of the interview project in November of 2010.

  • Amber is the wife of a police officer, a Mom to her son, and a waiting Mom like I am.  Her blog has reminded me of the hope that I had at the start and reminds me of the hope that I need to continue to nourish.

  • "k" Katelyn a birthmother who until recently blogged anonymously as I have.  She has helped me a great deal in understanding the part of the triad thats voice is often heard the least.  "K" has a strong voice and will become an amazing social worker.

  • Cathy's blog is fun to follow and is a mom to a rambunctious toddler.  She is the queen of play dates (I'm going to have to get some tips from her in the future).  Her photography catches precious moments as her baby grows.  The smile on her boys face gives me hope each day that my baby will be in my arms soon.

  • Paula my amazing friend from "real life." Who is a hard working Mom.  Not only does she cut my hair and make me feel amazing.  She also is a great listener and my original follower (besides DH).  Her blog is an insperational diary of getting back into shape after the birth of her terrific two year old.

    *Honerable mention to the woman that nominated me Robyn.  She is honest and direct in her posts. She is a mama lion and is a super star when it comes to being a working mom.  Love her blog!
The rules of this award are:
  1. Show your thanks to the blogger who nominated you by linking back to their blog. Thanks Robyn!
  2. Nominate five other blogs with 200 followers or fewer by posting a comment on their blogs.
  3. Post the award on your blog.
  4. Check out what the other up-and-coming blogs have to offer.


  1. 1. You are so sweet.
    2. You made me cry. It was so strange to read you say that I am a waiting mom. So surreal. :)
    3. I am a bad blogger and a bad comment-leaver Hoping to get better on these ASAP!!!

  2. Amber I didn't mean to make you cry!! I think the first time I saw that written that I was a "waiting mom" it was amazing, scary and a reminder that that description applies to me! You are not a bad blogger (but I do miss your posts) I hope you are doing well and I nominated you because I would love to inspire you to blog again! :)
    Robyn you are welcome.

  3. Thanks again for the award!! I'm humbled and so honored to have you as a reader and a fan. I love that you comment on my posts... it lets me know that there's at least one person out there reading my words!!

    Thanks for the nice words about my photography too-- I try!! I think I'm getting better, but maybe it's just because Gus is getting cuter. ;-)

    As for being queen of the playdates-- when you're ready for some advice I'll share my secret. I'll just say this, playdates "appear" to be for the kiddos, but they're really for the moms!!! :-)

  4. :) Thanks! I am more than excited to be able to read through some of your posts now! Waiting mom, adoptive mom, birthmom... So honored to be part of the network of "mom"!