Thursday, September 15, 2011


Yesterday dancing was a fun theme to my day.  One of the residence was telling me how when her husband was alive that while dinner was cooking she would waltz with her husband.  The image I have in my head is the food cooking and her children watching getting to see how in love their parents still were.

I also enjoyed my weekly dose of exercise swing dancing.  I can start my day down in the dumps but the minute I start dancing it just melts away.  The concentration that dancing takes as well as the physical activity does wonders for me physically and emotionally.

This dancing theme made me remember dancing to Dancing Matilda and Waltzing with Bears on Sunday nights with my sisters.  So you all must be thinking I lived some idealistic childhood... well Sunday night was folk night on NPR so thus the music.  We by no means waltzed (my parents did) my sisters and I, we just pretended.

When someone asks me why I want to have children its because I can't wait to make these memories.  To let a cranky day melt away when a song comes on the radio that just makes us stop and have fun.

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