Wednesday, September 21, 2011


There are times like tonight that I am in fact glad our baby has not arrived.  I know if baby unknown was here I'd have made it work but it wouldn't have been easy.  I had to work late this afternoon and when I got out of work there was a text from DH stating that he was being held over and he didn't know when he was going to be home.  By the time I got home it was almost 5 and I was supposed to be at dance at 6:15.  Well I had to clean the house (long story but it HAD to be done) as well as we needed to eat as well as I had NO clue as to when DH would be home.  So I started with the cleaning, moved onto dinner and was a half hour late to dance but I guess thats what had to be done.  Halfway thru vacuuming the house I thought "Thank goodness I dont have a baby right now."

In the middle of swing dance I thought to myself for a brief moment "Dear God please dont make me keep going thru this."  I was having too much fun dancing that my prayer I hope was heard but I didn't have to dwell.

To top off my evening were sweet comments from a true friend on yesterdays blog.

My ups and downs sometimes makes me feel like I'm off balance.... but swing dance seems to level me out.

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