Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Its Alright to cry

So you have to listen to both versions of the song (the first one so you can get the lyrics and the second to get a giggle).  This song is one that my mom used to sing to us when we were upset.  When we were small it made us feel better and as we got older it infuriated us (cuz what teenager wants their mother telling them they can cry).  I gotta say I had a good cry last night and I feel lots better which then made me think of this song and put a smile on my face.  

My DH did put an e-mail into the adoption agency to confirm that we are on the list and to find out if there are any changes in our status.  So here is the update.... *drum roll please* We are on the list for in and out of state adoptions and (ready?!) there are no new updates.  *sigh*  At least we know they still have us on the list.

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