Sunday, September 4, 2011

Dont Worry be Happy

Don't Worry Be Happy is exactly what I have to try to convince myself of.  This song always reminds me of being in about 2nd grade at a sleep over at my friend Miriams.  We were all up late at night, it was a room full of girls, and just as it would get quite for a minute another girl would burst out with another verse of the song which would have us all burst into laughter again (accent included).  So not only do the words of the song make me smile but the memories it conjures up make me giggle.  In all honesty what does worrying to do but stress me out?  

I think one of the reasons I'm getting fed up with waiting is in part due to the anxiety that all first time moms have- can I do this?  but on top of it not knowing how it will happen.  Will I have notice or will I just have to pack a bag and go?  I dont even have my hospital bag packed (which the agency did tell us to pack) but it just doesn't seem real enough to do that.  The idea of packing a hospital bag makes me anxious.  Oh geez... *sigh* Don't Worry Be Happy? Right?

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