Monday, September 26, 2011

Positive conversations

So I often write about negative conversations so I wanted to write about a few positive conversations I've had in the past few weeks.

Three weeks ago two co-workers were standing at the nursing desk talking about someone that had 4 kids by 18.  I piped in and said I couldn't have imagined having one child at 18 let alone 4 along with the fact that I'm almost 30 so I'm way behind.  The co-worker responded "Well you better get going."  I decided to risk it and share that we were waiting to adopt.  Both of them got excited and asked me tons of questions about when/gender/etc and I told them my usual- I know nothing.  The following weekend the nurse that had been at the desk that day stopped me in the hall to say "Do you have a baby yet?!  I'm so excited for you!"  It was really nice of her- I just hope that for however long it takes she doesn't ask me every week... but based on how excited she is- maybe I wont mind.  (I am going to refrain from sharing a negative comment a coworker that over heard this conversation made but rather the positive which was that she was adopted).

My second positive conversation was when my aunt and uncle came in from out of town.  They along with the rest of my family received the announcement last year that we had been approved.  They asked lots of question but were again positive and excited.  At one point my aunt pushed a little on the visitation arrangement since there is a strong chance our child will be born in another state.  Not to say we would not have physical visits with a birthparent out of state it just isn't likely going to happen every year since both of our families live out of state.  So with traveling three different directions to visit family no one even now gets yearly visits.  On top of the fact that at this point its hypothetical and well we will cross that bridge when we get there.  When I told her that she backed off and the rest of the conversation was fun.

One interesting thing .... I was just reading another adoption blog and she was talking about not sharing gender or baby names with family/friends until the baby arrives to make it fun and have something to keep between the expecting parents.  Granted we dont know the gender which we have been asked frequently- but I can only think of one person that has asked about names... Which we do and I'm not telling :)


  1. I just came across your blog and intend to take the time tomorrow to read it from the start. I have to get to bed now so just skimmed it. We have just started the adoption process, and turned our paperwork in today. One question I came across while reading quickly- you mentioned the academy your husband graduated from? Does this happen to be a police academy? You can email me back if you like.

  2. I'm just catching up on your blog from vacation/birthday/tomfoolery. Let me just say I've been DYING to ask about names, but have managed not to ask. I'm glad you're keeping it between you. You don't want to know everyone's opinion on them before s/he comes. Love you.