Monday, August 1, 2011

The amazing women in my life

I just spent a week in Wisconsin/Minnesota where my family lives. Which made me realize how many amazing women I have in my life. While in Milwaukee I got to spend time with my grandmother who is one of the most amazing women along with my mother. Both of them take challenges in life and make them look easy. My grandmother had 12 children and 29 grand children and she has always made it look easy. She always took great pleasure in sharing stories about her family. Family was extremely important to her and even though her family is large she kept us together with family gatherings. While she now only knows me if I ask her "Do you know Megan?" she then responds yes then when I told her "I'm megan" she was delighted to see me each and every time she re-met me. While she clearly loved each and every one of us she was not overly affectionate but there was no doubt that she wanted the best for all of us. My Grandmother is also part of the reason we are growing our family with adoption. Her brother adopted two children and two of her sons adopted children. I never realized that there was a difference in her eyes between her biological and adopted grandchildren or nieces. It wasn't until her dementia started to set in and her filter fell that she did made indications that there were differences but while we were growing up I had not a clue. I used to tell my mother that I wanted to adopted 13 children 7 girls and 6 boys so that I could have more children then my Grandmother I also realized her ability to split gender 6 boys 6 girls was pure luck for her and I'd have better chances with adoption.

During my travels I got to visit with my mother that is thrilled to be a Grandmother herself soon. She also has been encouraging us to go on a vacation she keeps telling us to keep the checks for the adoption and spend our savings on a REAL vacation.

In addition to my family I saw my Godmother who's unconditional love makes me feel unworthy. I also saw my best friend from high school as well as my best friend from college both of whom if they had their way would have me return to Wisconsin in a heart best.

All of them have been supportive and amazing and I know when our baby (girl? :) ) arrives they will be the most amazing extended family but just too far away.

In my time in Wisconsin though it made me realize that I have to start working harder at creating a group of amazing women here in Vermont because reality is this is my home.

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