Tuesday, August 23, 2011

vows and frustration

For our first year wedding anniversary the traditional gift is paper. I had our vows framed and are hanging in our living room. The other night after DH was in bed I took a minute to read our vows. We wrote our vows together on the futon in our apartment.

Here is what we came up with:
I (Name), promise to respect you (name) for who you are and who you will grow to become, whether I am near or far away. I promise to be faithful, understanding, caring, to work together, and be creative in overcoming life's challenges. I promise to always find the best in you and laugh often and much. But most of all, I promise to love you unconditionally.

This process at times has really challenged me to take my vows to heart. I think the most relevant vow is being creative in overcoming life's challenges.

I've been on this wedding trend recently in my post in part likely because of our anniversary. In part I should be happy that I'm married and have found the one to spend my life with and enjoy each others company while we have peace and quiet. Honestly though I'm sick of waiting and I'm sick of pretending that its "OK" and that when "then times right" it will happen, I'm sick of being pleasant when asked if i've heard anything, and i'm sick of being happy for other people... and those my friend are my honest to goodness feelings. I think i've been focusing on the anniversary/wedding because I'm trying to convince myself that I should just be happy with where I am. I am happy with my marriage just not with our situation.

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