Friday, August 5, 2011

Living Life

Wednesday I had my performance swing dance class. I had to tell my dance teacher we are expecting. I was happy with her response which was positive. Not sure she got what I was trying to tell her which was performance night I MIGHT be in PA or DC or possibly right her in VT with out a baby I dont know. It's hard to continue to live life knowing it could be turned upside down (in the most positive of ways). I didn't book our tickets to WI until less then a month prior to our trip, I was nervous when we paid for our anniversary trip, and this performance class has me nervous to. My day to day life is less concerning to me I'm just always in the back of my head making big commitments with just a little extra consideration. I just wish I knew WHEN.

Sometimes I tell people like my employer or my dance teacher. Other times I hold it back when scheduling meetings but its always in the back of my mind. I'm always someone that is dependable and try to be prepared this experience is driving me crazy! There are some things I hope not to miss or even experience with my baby such as my performance class or our trip to WI. While other things I'm not going to give a second thought to like well my maternity leave.

As my profession indicates I need to keep Living Life to its Fullest, because while it makes me crazy making comitments i'm not positive I can keep those same things like my dance class are also the things that keep me sane.

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