Thursday, August 11, 2011

4 years ago

4 years ago I was days away from being married. I was having the typical pre wedding jitters. We were getting the final details together and getting ready to cook up a storm. DH and I had an intimate wedding with immediate family. With the help of family I cooked everything we ate with the exception of the cake.

We had been engaged 8 months and had moved our wedding to prior to my start of grad school from our original plan for after I graduated. The primary reason was my grad school required all students to have health insurance and paying for two years of health insurance was going to be as much as grad school. We had to forgo a "real wedding" primarily for financial responsibility. We also had to forgo the traditional honeymoon.

In hind sight I am happy with how things turned out. Waiting two years to get married would have been torture. Also a big wedding would have not been fun for me. There are people I wish we could have invited but the more exceptions we made the more feelings would have been hurt. We didn't have an exotic honeymoon but we have made a nice tradition of taking a short trip each year. This year is lake placid where the Olympics were held in 1980.

Things have not always been easy or perfect but we always make the best of the situation. I also think things turn out the way they should. An extravagant wedding just wasn't possible for us when I was about to quit my job for grad school nor was a fancy honeymoon. What we got was a wedding that was perfect for us and fit our personalities. I know when our baby arrives I'll feel the same way. Whoever this kiddo is that we have waited not so patiently for is going to be perfect for us.

So I'm taking a few days to enjoy DHs undivided attention in the mountains of NY. Happy 4th anniversary love!

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