Thursday, August 18, 2011

roses and rainbows

We celebrated DH promotion with the guys he graduated the academy with. One of the guys has a 2 year old who is cute as a button with curls and big brown eyes. She is smart and has spunk both of which she used in testing her parents at dinner. It was exhausting just watching the debate over how many pieces of brocoli needed to be eaten in order to get a cup cake after dinner. Its moments like those that remind me parenting isn't just roses and rainbows.

I think I've mentioned this before but a major difference between pregnancy and awaiting an adopted baby is adoptive parents get some control. This means that at any point we could take our selves out of the pool of waiting parents. I wouldn't dare to do this but its always an option. So when a pregnant lady starts to panic about if she can be a parent or not she is stuck (unless she places her baby for adoption), while I on the other hand can start thinking "oh my God what have I gotten myself into... I can't do this... I need off the list NOW." Then I start to dream of all the vacations and nice things I could buy with our adoption nest egg.

Lucky for us DH and I have yet to have these dreams on the same day so we always bring the other to our senses. I wanna be a parent because after the rain storms there has got to be roses and rainbows- right?!

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