Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Looking Back

Every now and then I like to look back to last year this time and see my thoughts and what was happening. As we approach one year of waiting I hope that it means we are one year closer to our baby. Last August we were partaking in our first interviews, we climbed mt. Washington for our third anniversary, and we were eager to wait as we knew it meant we would have been approved. Now we have been waiting 10 months and we feel no closer today then we did 10 months ago.

Its not to say things have not changed. Our house has a nursery that just needs the word and it will be set up. Our dog has settled down so I wont feel like I'm going mad caring for a baby and a puppy. DH got a promotion at work which along with the tile change from officer to corporal also is accompanied by a pay increase. Which translates into faster savings towards the adoption. We have achieved the magic number when you consider my business account and our savings account (though I'd prefer it to all come from our savings because I want to start a business with my business account).

A year ago tomorrow DH had just read my blog for the first time. In the past week I have invited two of my closest friends from Wisconsin to join in the following of my blog. Unlike DH told me a year ago they informed me it wasn't depressing, but reality.

This week I also have started to read a few other adoptive mom to be, adoptive mom and birth mothers (aka first moms) blogs. A few of the adoptive moms started their blogs prior to adopting and now have babies!! My favorite one is actually a first mom and adoptive mom who both were blogging prior to deciding to adopt. I believe they connected through the blog and resulted in a very very successful open adoption. Its stories like these that give me hope. It also made me realize how important an open adoption is to me.

So as we prepare for our fourth anniversary I'm hopeful that next year when I look back to this date I will be a Mom. If not I'll still be the luckies lady in the world with an amazing husband that loves me and would do anything for me.

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