Monday, August 8, 2011

dog "adoption"

The definition of adoption is: "the act of accepting with approval." Since begingin our adoption journey the use of the word adoption when referring to getting a dog from the pound or rescuing a dog from a kill shelter bothers me. I'll freely admit that I had used the term prior when we rescued our lab mutt from a Tennessee kill shelter. I'll also freely admit that the word "adopt" or "adoption" when looking at the definition fit this description.

What prompted this post was a Facebook post by a college friend who must be involved with a rescue. She was requesting help transporting there "helpless babies" from Ohio to Wisconsin. The are NOT babies they are puppies!! She then was looking for adoptive homes for the babies.

In all honesty I think it was the combination of the words babies and adoption in the same sentence referring to dog rescue. Had she used babies and rescue or puppies and adoption I dont think I would have been so irritated.

Again I'll admit I'll at times refer or my cat or dog as my babies. I feel conflicted on this topic but her post really got to me. So rather then venting on her facebook page... instead I thought this would be more appropriate.

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