Tuesday, February 14, 2012

valentines day

Valentines Day marks our half wedding anniversary. We have been married 4.5 lovely years and I.honestly can say I love DH more today then the day we married. I always knew he would be an amazing Dad and he has proven me right. He has been there for baby girl and myself. Completing tasks at home on the evenings he works then driving 8 hrs to spend the weekends w us. He is w out doubt my other half. The half I don't know how I survived before I knew him. Baby girl is lucky to have him to call Dad.

Just before Valentines day last year we had to turn down a baby. Valentines day was so sad for me. This year wasn't perfect w her in the hospital, me here w her and DH at home... But as the picture frame I made her yesterday states- hope, trust, faith.... Ee will be home together next year.

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