Monday, February 13, 2012

I Can Touch Her but Can I Keep Her

Without divulging took much info bdad has started to waiver. He visited again and while w the nnurses said he wasn't certain. Here is the dilemma- there options are us or child protective services. It breaks my heart thinking of the alternative. For everyones sake I hope he comes to realize this. I realize w all open adoptions there are struggles but I have been uncomfortable w some of the situations baby girl has had to endure and I'm glad she will have no memory.


  1. Oh...praying, praying, praying!! We had our baby for 29 days when birth mom changed her mind on December 5...I don't wish that pain on anyone. Keep us updated.

  2. Gosh-- so sorry to read this. Prayers are still being sent. We went through something similar with Gus's birth father's mother (BF was a minor). It's the scariest thing that I've ever gone through and I pray you find strength to get through this. Not just for your sake, but for hers as well.