Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Love and Support

The past twenty four hours we have been overwhelmed by love and support.  My coworkers hunting me down and then as they stood by burst into tears when they gleaned what the conversation was about.

In trying to figure out what we were going to do for accommodations for up to sixty days my cousin offered her apartment which she does not use during the week.  She then called me back today to tell me she looked at her hotel points and had enough to cover up to five nights in a hotel in PA rather then using her apartment in NJ.

Our friends who when we asked them if they would take our dog for the week while DH is down there with us didn't hesitate.

The Hosts for Hospital program that called us back and are going to look for a long term place for me to stay while I'm there.  Rent free (they say nothing about but dont think I wont be giving a donation to the program- what a life saver for us!!!)

The pet groomer who moved the cats appt from Friday to this morning so our cat sitter doesn't have to deal w the hair.  The rehab clinic that I go to for PT that changed my appt time and made my back feel better before I get into a car for 7 hours.

My dear friend who has been the first to text me when I'm down was also the first to non-stop call me until she had the answers she was looking for.

Not to mention our families.  That can't wait to meet our little girl!

We feel loved.

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