Monday, February 20, 2012

so close while still so far

We have one week until the lawyer goes to court and files the tpr paperwork. Bdad didn't sign his form w a witness so his won't be filed but I don't think he knows this. In PA they still get another 30 days where they would have to prove they were under distress when they signed. Bdad wouldn't have to though because of the paperwork error. He has visited a total of three times. Once before we were in the picture and twice since we have arrived. We at least would have a strong case to be her foster parents if it were to come to that. He has not acted upon many of his plans (he said he was coming at least three times and never showed up).

Baby girl is still in the hospital. She has two more weans of her medication then has to be stable 48 hrs without the medication. The weans have been everyother day which means we possibly go home next weekend. I'm trying to keep a healthy balance between optimism and pessimism as I want her to be healthy and home but I don't want to be disappointed. I'm sad we missed her first month at home. I'm sad she has yet to meet any of.our family and friends. I'm sad she is in pain. I'm looking forward to being home.


  1. Trust me... you've got to enjoy each and every moment with her while you can and don't be sad about missing out on things!!

    We were in MI with Gus for two months... we had three weeks together as a family and the rest of the time was me on my own with a newborn. I felt trapped and focused so much on just getting home, that I really missed out on so much.

    It's so hard... it's unknown, and so scary. I know what that's like... at one point I said to my husband that I couldn't go any further feeling so unstable and growing more and more attached (but desperately trying not to let myself), and yet feeling like he could be taken back at any minute.

    You've got to just let all that go, and savor each minute. Before you know it, she'll be several months old and you can't get back the time!! Enjoy it-- even if it's in the hospital and not the most ideal situation!!!

    HUGS and prayers that you get to bring her home SOON!!!

  2. Thank you Cat! I think I've had several days where I feel like I can't put one foot infront of the other. Knowing although it seems like forever its truly temporary.