Thursday, February 23, 2012

let the 48 hrs begin!

So just before 10pm tonight the stopped the medication order which means in one hour she will miss her first dose. She has to maintain without medication for 48 hrs which brings us to Saturday night. The don't do night discharges so she will be discharged Sunday. The agency here can't get anyone to the hospital until 2pm Sunday. The good is that if she gets a dose of the medication in the first 14 hrs it doesn't change the plan. The thing that sucks though is that we can't leave until 2 pm because of the agency, and we have a 7 hr drive ahead of us. I'm trying not to jump the gun too much. I don't know what the next 48 hrs will bring. I just want out w my baby healthy and happy w minimal delay... I realize that's too much to ask.


  1. Good luck from MBH :)

  2. Hoping that all is going well and she's in the clear tonight!!! Praying that in less than 24 hours you'll be on the road with your daughter!!!!