Thursday, February 16, 2012


Some of you follow because I'm attempting to induce lactation. I had significant changes which required nursing bras. Since I'm.unable to breastfeed at the hospital I've continued the protocol. Since bmom still is making the medical decisions and how baby girl is fed is part of her medical treatment I would have to get permission from.the bmom. I don't think bmom would allow it and so I have not asked. Bmom did not breastfeed any of her children.

Since arriving the changes in my breasts have reversed themselves. I no longer need the nursing bras. I believe the stress of being in the NICU in combination w the bparent drama as caused this. The last two days I felt feverish and cramped. They grew in intensity and believed aunt flow was sion to arrive. I went for a walk after dinner since that sometimes helps my cramping I suddenly felt two gushes. I was blessed to have a walgreens right there so I got feminine products. GRAPHIC CONTENT.... Not only was there a large amount of blood but also a mass of tissue. I called the doctor who finally called me back. She indicated that when someone does not have there period for months that what I experienced can happen. I thought twice about posting this but the experience was traumatic for me. It also is a.side effect that I have not read about nor did my doctor tell me about it.

I am continuing the protocol and will attempt to pump once I'm.home. I'm not optimistic. Although this is important to me I've said from the start that all I can do is try. If I fail its not due to a lack of trying. I will be sad but there is nothing I can do. Baby girl is loved no less if I have to continue to give her formula.


  1. I think it's tremendous that you've even tried. It's not something I was willing to do. I would think that your period would be heavy like it is for when someone has been pregnant and finally shed their uterine lining. Hopefully it'll pass quickly for you.

    I'm sorry that the stress and situation has hindered your ability to keep doing this... keep trying and if it works, great. If not, trust me... a formula-fed baby is just as awesome and amazing as a breastfed baby.

    When she starts kindergarten, no one is going to ask if she was formula fed or breastfed.

    I'm keeping the prayers coming that you get to come home with her soon!!