Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Its Not Official

Today January 31st I was evaluating a patient before I left for home.  My pocket kept buzzing (I keep my cell phone w me at work).  I jokingly told the woman I had to finish and leave because I couldn't keep my husband waiting.  A coworker popped her head in a few minutes later and told me my husband was on the phone and needed to speak w me urgently and was on hold.  I knew- no one had to say anything.  I dont think I said good bye to the patient (truly not like me).

When I called the front desk it was busy.  So I called DH- I knew what the phone call was about.  All I heard was "This is it... There is a baby..... Philladelphia....alkja flaksj flas flkajs flaj sfd"  I started to cry then I have no idea what he said after that but I told him I needed to come home to talk with him.  I did not pass go, went to the office, clocked out, and left.  (I urgently told my boss on my way out that I needed her to make sure my computer synced and that there might be a baby and I might not be back.)  I now realize that I never finished the evaluation or the paperwork that goes along with it.

So there is a baby girl born 1/25/2011.  She is over all in good health but will need to be in the hospital for an unknown length of time.  We had a lot to mull over but our only hurdle we kept coming back to was- where are we going to stay while she is getting strong?  Once we decided we could figure that out- there was only one clear answer YES!!

I just finally ate dinner at 8:30 and we have been frantically talking with family.  We do have to wait for the birthmother to read our profile though both agencies felt comfortable that she will likely feel comfortable with us based on what she asked for.  She wants an open adoption!!  So tomorrow we wait for another phone call telling us if we can leave or not.  The plan is to go to NJ first, stay the night with my cousin, and then travel to PA on Thursday to meet our little girl we have waited so long for.  Your think that after waiting 15 months, 3 weeks and 4 days another two wouldnt be so bad- but I'm about to burst!

 I wish I could be there now comforting her- I do know that until I get there her birthmom is standing by giving her the love she needs to give her.  So many birthmom blogs I read say how much they wish they had taken more time w their baby and I'm glad the two of them will have that.

So now I have to get organized so I can leave the house-
-Laundry (include crib sheets)
-Review list in diaper bag
-OMG I know there are a million things I need to get done and I can't think of what they are
-Pets are already taken care of
-cancel appts (PT, Cat haircut)
-Pay Bills
-Get checks
-Transfer money
-Get LactAid
-vac house
-mop house
-clean off desk
-clean out car

So before I get all these things done- Yesterday morning I was snoozing my alarm as usual and having light dreams.  I visioned myself in the nursery, touched the crib, looked to the left and was startled because there was a baby in there- I jumped then I woke up.  I told DH yesterday and he blew me off- he thinks I'm being superstitious and that "I always think about babies" but I'm not so sure.  This little girl is meant to be.

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