Wednesday, February 22, 2012

tentative d/c date

We have a tentative d/c date of Sunday. I got the distinct impression from the agency here that she is not thrilled about Sunday but I could care less. The plan is to discontinue the medication tomorrow then she has to go 48 hrs w out medication. She is having a good day today so the plan stands as today.

Both the agency and hospital social workers had the nerve to ask if I was telling the bmom. I made it clear that it was their job. In part because I want the bmom to have the chance to express her desires for a goodbye as well as any other concerns. To top it off I'm sick of doing their job. This woman needs support and in less then a week I'm going to be gone.


  1. Hugs and continued prayers that it all goes according to plan and you can FINALLY start your life as a mom without the added stress of the situation!

  2. Thank you Cat for being my personal cheerleader!! DH comes Sat AM... His flight can't land soon enough.