Wednesday, December 28, 2011


If you are a TMI kinda person you may want to just skip down to the next post... but if you want to hear about how to protocol is going- read on :)

So I've still only missed one pill which is good for me given that I feel like I'm snacking on pills every few hours.  I also now can relate to my patients on a whole new level.  They get these little cups full of pills it seems like constantly.  I've come up with a few new strategies for remembering meds.  My pill box sits right on the edge of the sink so I can't miss it in the AM.  I also make sure that when I have lunch my pills are the first thing I "eat."  At the In-Laws house this weekend it was a little challenging because my routine was really different.

So hows it going?  I'm sore and big.  So I guess its working.  I'm going to call the MD tomorrow to find out if she really wants me on the 20mg 4x's daily because I have not been on the 20mg 4x's daily for even a week yet and well... I'm big and sore.  I also continue to bleed which is annoying.  I got new bras today- how come no one has ever told me how comfortable nursing bras are!!  I think I might never switch out of them.I figured if I'm bigger and my bra's are expensive either way might as well get nursing bras though I may still get bigger so I only got two of them.  $84.00!!!!!

I love the bra store I go to.  Its a small shop owned by a really nice woman that LOVES helping women with their bras.  I was a little nervous going in asking for nursing bras.  The woman kept looking at my belly then up at me with a confused look on her face.  She finally asked when I was due and when I told her I didn't know because we were adopting she didn't skip a beat because she started to ask about how much my breast had changed.  My guess is she has had other women induce or she is just that awesome.  She also suggested that since I'm getting bigger fast that I start wearing support at night she said it would reduce the soreness and reduce the chances of "saggy" boobs.  

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