Friday, December 30, 2011

Hi Mom!

So I shared the blog with my mom today.  She was asking how we were doing.  She was saying how hard it was for her to wait she couldn't imagine how we were waiting so "patiently."  I think this blog might open her eyes up to how impatient we are waiting.  She like all others has been sworn to secrecy so my blog posts will not change in content.  (My Dad knows as well and he took the same oath).

WE HAVE A SOCIAL WORKER AGAIN!!!  I'm so happy to have a social worker the fact that its the student social worker that lead some of the support groups is a moot point.  She is meeting with us next week Tuesday at 4PM.  Expect a blog post at 5PM.  :)

I also mailed back our last "loan" check.  I'm a little disappointed we didn't need it (because it would have meant baby arrived sooner then we were ready) but I'm also relieved that our finances for both in and out of state adoptions are in order.

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