Thursday, December 15, 2011

Can't Complain

The order for the medication has been placed to start creating it.  It should be complete by 4PM tomorrow and will cost $160 which is a 5 week supply of the medication.  Insurance does not cover the medication; however we have a health savings account I plan to use.  I could get it from a foreign country but that would be illegal.  She also put the prescription in for 20mg 4x daily after the first week but had verbally told me that she was thinking 10 would be sufficient given my small size.  After the first week I'll have to re-evaluate.  If the 10 is sufficient then the 5 week supply turns into 10 weeks which makes the protocol far more reasonable.

We have good insurance since my DH works for a municipality (funny thing is I work in health care and my insurance sucks)... but thats another blog.  We met our deductible this year because I participated in a medical research study on infertility so the many tests were submitted as paid to our insurance company.  So when I went to pick up the birth control medication for the protocol I didn't have to pay a dime.... on top of that my doctor ordered the medication as a 90day supply so I wont have to go back until March at which point our deductible will have reset and I'll have to pay again but in the grand scheme of things I'm lucky to have such great insurance.  Say I had a $15 copay on the medication that would have been an additional $60 for the protocol.

Its a blessing to have insurance we dont have to worry about.  Tonight I'm going in for an MRI of my back and because our deductible is met we wont pay a dime (now our deductible is high, but DH's employer pays towards the deductible).

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