Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Mother In Law

DH called his mother on his way home from work yesterday.  When he got home he told me "I just got finished with a very long conversation with my mother."  I want to start by saying had my mother said something like his mother did (see post) I would have called her on it as well.

He told me that he lied and said he had overheard the conversation himself but had not stepped in at the time.  He told her the two of us had not discussed it.  He didn't tell her much about what was said except that she was "upset" that we would think that she though adoption resulted in her nephews poor behavior.  She also was "worried" that I might think the same think that DH did about the conversation and that he needed to talk to me immediately about it.  She apparently didn't recall "exactly what she had said" however she never meant to imply that the adoption resulted in his poor behavior.

I dont really care- I'm just glad she has been as DH states it "put on notice."  I love him.  He's going to be a great Dad.

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