Tuesday, December 27, 2011


I got a Pandora bracelet for Christmas last year.  My bracelet has a house on it and a spacer bead.  This year my MIL got me another house and a spacer bead.  I went yesterday to exchange the house for something different.  I found a bead that said "Hope."  Its perfect.  Its what I need.  Its symbolic because (although an exchange) its a gift from my MIL.  It will symbolize my hope for her and the love she will have for her grandbaby and hope that I will have our baby in our arms soon.

I was initially going to put Jack Johnsons song "Hope" at the end of my post.  Before I did I spent some time reading the lyrics and realize that his song implies that Hope is something that always disappoints.  So instead I attached the song which came after "I Hope You Dance" which is so fitting because dancing is what keeps my mind off of this waiting and allows me to have hope.

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