Friday, June 29, 2012

one night in NH

We spent last night on the way to Maine w my inlaws in nh. We left right after I got home from work. 5 hrs would have been too long in the evening because baby girl would have slept all five hours and wouldn't have slept the night. So we decided to drive the 3 to the inlaws and this morning we are going the last two hours. Lucky for me baby girl was only awake for about an hour and a half once we got there. Baby girl was fussy and didn't really want anyone but her mom and dad. I felt bad because it seemed like my mil took it personally. Baby girl slept really poorly the night before and just needed to smuggle w mom. So all went well except a foolish comment from my mil. She asked me "if either of her (baby girls) parents have blond hair". I should have said no dh and I both have brown hair.... Instead I told her that "her BIRTHmom has blondish brown hair and her BIRTHfather had hair about my color. Her BIRTHsibilings had darker brown hair.". I just hope she can get the basics of adoption friendly language before baby girl is old enough to understand. Now that I got that off my chest we are off to enjoy family time in a cabin on a lake in Maine.

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