Wednesday, June 20, 2012

More Days Home

I have a potential job offer.  The job isn't really different then the job I currently have just at a different facility.  I've told them if they let me work three 10 hour days I'd consider jumping ship.  I'm loving my three day weekend with Baby Girl and I'd take four days with her.  The only challenge is that its almost an hour away so it would really mean three 12 hour days (assuming I get out on time- which never happens).

I know that all employers discriminate against parents that adopt.  Had I been at this new employer when baby girl arrived I'd have had the same struggles: no paid FMLA while my pregnant co-workers do.  To add to my frustration my current employer also changed the way the pay for holidays.  In the past I've worked most holidays because someone has to and I didn't have children and was compensated with time and a half.  I hardly ever worked a full day on a holiday because not everyone needs to be seen.  Now they mandate you to take a day off during the pay period the holiday falls in.  So for memorial day I was forced to take a day off.  I took the Thursday after Memorial Day off so I could go to baby girls 4 month appointment and worked Memorial Day (no time and a half, nothing special- just worked my regular 8 hours).  I got my paycheck and was shorted 6 hours.  It turns out that they average the last three months hours worked and that is what you get compensated for the forced day off.  Since I was on FMLA there was almost two months of 0 hours worked.  No one told me this prior.  I was still like everyone else mandated to take a day off.  I was hurt.

So when this new opportunity came up I've explored it.  I dont think I really want to work 12 hour day.  When I factor the increase in pay and decrease in day care with the increased travel time and travel costs I think its a wash.  If only police officers made more money- a woman can dream.

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  1. I am considering not going back to my employment as well. It was very frustrating that pregnant moms get to claim the short term disability (okay, I understand that but the fact they are getting some payment still bugs me) but I also was not allowed to use my sick days unless I had a doctors note. Sick days are for "giving birth" I was told.

    My police officer is a former teacher so I'm happy with our new pay! lol!!! But, of course, I would take a raise for him!