Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Gift for Brother

I had a friend make a picture frame for Baby Girls brother for his birthday.  I wasn't thinking and didn't tell her the picture was in landscape so I kinda panicked when I got the frame in the mail.  It has Buzz Lightyear on it which is his favorite Disney character and his name down the other side.  I found the local drug store lets you make wallet sized photos so I was able to put two wallet sized photos in the frame.  I'm really happy with the results because I have a picture of Baby Girl, her brother and sister from when she was in the hospital plus a recent picture of baby girl with the grasshopper from bugs life that her brother gave her when she was in the hospital.

I'm so happy the picture of the three of them exists.  Her brother was too young to go back in the NICU but we sent him onto the unit with his Grandmother when his sister was already with baby girl.  I'm assuming that their Grandmother took the picture.  Its perfect and though I wasn't with them when the picture was taken its a memory I'll always cherish.  He was only able to stay back for a few minutes because he was so distracted by the environment but I'm glad he was able to meet her.

The picture was taken on baby girls final week in Phili.  I was really nervous about the visit because I didn't want anything to disrupt her schedule since crying equaled a poor score which meant more meds which meant more time in the hospital in Phili.  Baby girl was a trooper that day and must have felt all the love from her brother and sister.

Since her brother is so young I am going to send the frame to his Grandmother who is his legal gardian.  I'm assuming she will give it to him but I want to respect that he doesn't fully understand the concept of adoption because of his disability as well as his age.  I dont think I've mentioned that baby girl was named prior to our arrival by her bmom.  We chose to change her first name and hyphenated the middle name that bmom picked followed by the middle name we had picked.  Both middle names are family names from each of our families.  Baby Girls Brother already had been told the name the bmom picked and was confused why she had a new name.  By his second visit he did call her by the name we chose but it was hard for me to see him so confused.

I hope he gets the frame and loves it as much as I do.

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