Friday, June 22, 2012

Dinner at the Farm

In the past five months we have done so many things that we have never done or found our selves doing less of.  We WALK so much more.  We walk to the beach, for coffee, and to the grocery store.  We take time to just sit and watch baby girl.  I think we spend more time with friends and family.  We do things together like grocery shopping where as before it was a chore that I ran out to do alone.  We take time to appreciate what it is we have in our relationship as well as a family.  I find when I'm out without baby girl that I'm not self conscious and constantly watching families with babies.

Tonight we went to "burger night" at a local farm.  Its something that I have wanted to do in the past but never did.  I do think that I avoided places where I knew there would be families.  Tonight with DH, Baby Girl, my aunt, and uncle we enjoyed burger night.  Its picnic style so you buy the burgers & salad and then enjoy the drinks you bring on a blanket in the grass.  Music is played by the band and kids run in the field.  It was a perfect evening and baby girl made it all the more special.

Its nice to not have that constant nagging feeling weighing me down and keeping me from enjoying the simple things in life.  I feel alive again.  I worked hard at keeping going and doing the things I knew I couldn't do once a baby was here.  Many times I used that as an excuse to keep going during our wait but I'd have given any of those things up I did while waiting had it meant baby girl came sooner.  Now that baby girl is here there isn't anything I want to do except be with her and DH as a family.  There is nothing I've ever enjoyed more then being a Mom.

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