Thursday, November 10, 2011

Winter Blues

I got the winter blues real bad last winter.  I dont know if it was the adoption or the quantities of snow that we got.  So I'm trying to think ahead.

I know when I'm busy I'm stressed but happy.  So I have myself covered unti December 16th when I'm done covering my friends maternity leave in the schools.  Then there is my birthday, Christmas, New Years.  We have a weekend trip planned for the first week in January... but then its bleak and cold until who knows when.

I thought about running a full marathon in the spring but I also recently remembered my immense displeasure with running in the cold (my lungs burn!).  So I may do a half marathon again in the spring with the hubby.  It made me realize though that really what I was looking for was something to keep me busy and my mind active.

So things I'd like to do this winter:
- find a routine volunteer engagement
- Join a gym
- Visit my sister a few times in Boston
- Visit my in-laws (we really have not done this much and I know we should be better)
- Ski at least once
- Swing Dance more (practice sessions once a week plus dances)
- Keep going to church on Sundays
- Visit my aunt in MA for cross country skiing
- Visit my cousin in NY?  Maybe make it a cousins weekend?
- Hike
- Learn to knit something other then a scarf
- Go to AOTA conference
- become better connected with our friends here
- have a baby?  God knows that would keep me busy.

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