Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Too Much Overtime!!

So this past week DH got held over every day this week.  Which means over time, which means more money.  This may sound like a good thing to most people but we are going to be close to falling into the next higher income bracket for the adoption if we keep making extra money this year.

I normally would think its a bad thing to try to surpress income to try not to fall into a higher bracket.  In our case though this is a fluke.  I worked a school contract last school year to help an OT assistant that needed an OT to supervise her in order for her to work.  I gave her one year to find someone new.  So I was going to be done with schools until another friend needed her district covered while she took a maternity leave.  If she couldn't find someone to cover her case load, the district would have established a contract with someone that could cover the entire school year.  Had I not covered she would have had to either be out of a job or not take a maternity leave.  So I agreed to cover for three months.

So next year I wont have these contracts.  I wont be working 6 days per week so as a general rule our income will be much lower so it wont matter how much over time DH accumulates.  This year though the over time has to stop!!

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