Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sunday is church day

I debated back and forth if I was going to leave work today to go to church.  My case load was light and I could have gotten out early and enjoyed some time at home with DH.  I had forgotten my lunch so I called to ask DH if he would meet me at church and bring my lunch.  So it was settled I'd go.

During the joys and concerns a grandparent had written that they were joyful to have their adopted grandchild with them that day.  I didn't think much of it.  Then about thirty minutes in I noticed a small note at the bottom of the order of worship which stated:

"The flowers today are in celebration of this congregation's adoption-expanded families, in gratitude to birthparents who made adoption plans, and in honor of children waiting for forever families."

Then as the offering plate went around a little boy caught my eye- I knew him!  He was the baby that one of the couples in our support group had adopted- he was with Grandma!

Todays service reminded me how integrated adoption is a part of our church community.  Its everywhere.  LIkely the flowers were because of adoption awareness month but I look around and spot family after family which has grown because of adoption.  My child will not be different because of the way s/he joined our family.

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