Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Paternity Leave Ends and the Police Schedule Resumes

Tomorrow DH's paternity leave ends.  He actually was given an extra week since he was only scheduled for two days so they gave him those days off.  So we jump back into the police schedule.

DH has enough seniority that he can pick any shift he wants.  For the past two years he has been on day shift which I enjoy.  Night Shift is my second favorite followed by Evenings.  Night shift he can gift me a kiss on my way to work in the morning- he sleeps all day- then when I get home he wakes up.  He starts his days back on fives which means he works five 10 hour days on, three days off for five weeks.  Then he switches to four 10 hour days on, four days off.

Its complicated though a little less so now that I don't work Sundays.  The police schedule makes daycare challenging.  For example his first week back we need daycare Thursday and Monday then don't need daycare again until the following Monday (since he has off Tues, Wed, Thurs and I have off Fri, Sat Sunday).

You get used to it and I really don't mind it most of the time.  I try to keep track of "real weekends" and utilize them to the best of our ability.  DH has time to mow the lawn/go to the dump on his days off we dont share and I go to the grocery story and run errands on days I have off and he works to utilize our time together the best we can.  Having Baby Girl will complicate this some because before when we had days off alone we could just get stuff done.  Now we will have to watch baby girl and do our weekend chores.  

Morning routines and bedtime routines will also have to be worked out.  On days we both work DH leaves at 5:30AM and baby girl doesn't start daycare until 7:30.  I used to start work at 7 but will likely start at 8.  So it makes sense for me to get her ready in the AM.  Bed time again will likely be me because DH has to be in bed by 8PM to get 8 hours of sleep.  At this point baby girls bedtime is 9, though its slowly moving earlier.

Its going to be an adjustment.  Baby Girl doesn't start at the daycare center for another month so we will have some time to practice.  My aunt who lives down the street is watching her this Thursday and Monday then my older sister who is a teacher from WI will watch her Aug 5 until daycare starts.

Another adjustment is- its not just me and DH anymore.  We live in a safe area though bad stuff still happens.  Traffic accidents are actually the primary cause of death in the line of duty for police officers.  He no longer rides the police motorcycle (per my request) which makes him a little safer.  I know DH works hard to be as safe as possible and I trust his co-workers they are like extended family.  There is a reason the police symbol is "a thin blue line" and to me its a reminder that my DH is no different then the officers that have fallen in the line of duty except that he didn't respond to the call they did.  What gives me comfort is that IF heaven forbid anything were to happen I know that the guys/gals their husband/wives would be there for us.  I try not to think about it but every now and then I give my chance to consider what I'd do; almost in a hope that if I think about it- it will never happen.  I married DH knowing the risk and I know he is good at what he does, and couldn't be prouder of his willingness to keep us safe.  On days he works and I'm home alone it give me peace to know that he is keeping not just our home safe but the town safe.  

I think i'm more sad for DHs leave to end then I expected.  It will be an adjustment.

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