Tuesday, July 3, 2012

3rd Post Placement Visit

We walked down.  Baby girl was tired but stayed awake.  The social worker asked for any updates and how baby girl was developing.  We shared her Bmoms current situation and our contact with her bsister.  The social worker agreed that we likely wont have contact with D.

She shared the next steps in the process which will be they will submit the paperwork to the courts and we will have a court date.  I need to email her and clarify because she said that the six months started the end of february.  Not sure if this because baby girl was in the hospital until then.  She told us she didn't expect a court date until late September/early October.  It would be fitting if our court date was the first week in October as that would be a full two years since our profile "went live."

We took pictures with the new social worker who did all of our post placement visits.  We will use the pictures in our "My Family My Journey" book for Baby Girl.  The social worker that was the supervisor and was our contact during our time in PA stopped into the office.  It was nice to personally thank her for all of her support during our time in PA even if it didn't result in us getting back home any sooner.

Really the only changes that this last visit insights is- no more visits to the agency, and no extra paperwork when we go to the doctors.  Other then that its parenting as usual.


  1. It'll be so awesome when you finalize. Will you finalize in your state or in PA? Will you go to court or is it done without you there? We had a great Adoption Day celebration when Gus finalized. It was such a special day and each year, we celebrate his Adoption Day.

    It's amazing how it felt like it was a never-ending saga at one time, and now it's all a distant memory. It's so much better to just be his parents and moving forward with parenting as usual. :D

  2. We will finalize here and we will be able to go to court. I can't wait to have an adoption day for baby girl :)

    It does feel like a never ending saga. Though its one that will stick with us forever. In some ways we are just like every other family with struggles like getting her to sleep. We though will always have this additional layer to our family fabric called adoption. Its not all roses and happy there was sad and angry but I'd do it again for Baby Girl.