Friday, July 27, 2012

Bank Account

So DH got a call yesterday from my MIL telling us that her Aunt had sent us a check for Baby Girl and we still have not deposited it.  When we received checks for Baby Girl we wrote thank you notes and explained that as soon as we could open an account for Baby Girl we could deposit the check to start a college savings account.  I plan once we finally are able to open an account to write and remind the gift givers so that they expect the check to finally be deposited.

I had DH call his Mom back and explain that we dont have a social security # thus we can't open an account to deposit the checks.  We also do not have a birth certificate or other legal documentation with Baby Girls name on it.  We have documents with her birthmothers last name on it but nothing with ours.  So we told her as soon as we could we would open an account.  She didn't understand.

DH had to explain AGAIN why we do not have a social security number (and thus could not open an account).  Last weekend he had to AGAIN explain to her why we had to go to court and NO we did not have the court date yet; nor have we gone to court yet.  He also had to explain to her why it would be nice once we get the court date for her to come to the court the day our daughter becomes legally our daughter.  We have explained all of these things to her more then once.  I'm starting to think that she is suffering from dementia- I no longer pity the fool I now think I'm worried about her memory.

Today we did get an e-mail from our agency stating that they had received the paper work to submit to court from the agency in PA.  So as soon as the paperwork is submitted we will have a date.  I need to clarify if they need to wait a month before submitting or if they are going to submit right away.  If they submit the paperwork right away we will hopefully have a court date at the end of August/start of September- we shall see.

(There also were hints that we had not sent thank you notes to some of her family- I remember writing the thank you note in question, and I have a check next to the name of the person in question.  Its possible in the 150 thank you notes I sent out (in between taking care of a newborn) that I might have put a wrong address or it may have fallen behind the couch- I dont know but I wrote the thank you note!  When I offered to write a new one (which I will do anyway) I was told "not to worry about it."  Then why bring it up!?  I am a stickler for thank you notes so it was hurtful to be accused of not sending them.)

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  1. I've never understood writing checks to babies. It doesn't make any sense. Jackson still doesn't have a bank account. You can cash checks made out to the baby, btw. I know, because I've cashed checks made out to Jackson and put the money in his Froggy bank.